Monday, 26 November 2007

More of school at Huancaro

The next day at school I grassed to the teacher that I had been disappointed with some of the behaviour the previous day. She went a bit into overdrive and we had 30 minutes of why they needed to show greater respect and care for the 'animalitas' and me. The 2 older girls got the brunt of it and eventually cracked under the pressure making public apologies to me and giving me an I am sorry kiss on the cheek. It was all pretty emotional, for me as well but I think we ended up better for it and at least they now know I won't ignore poor behaviour. One older boy, Julio was very vocal on my behalf and castigated the girls as well as making his own apology to me – but I don't really know what for! Also, that morning, I gave Manuel, the smallest boy in the class a new pair of trainers and he was visibly amazed and so obviously pleased by this gift.

Following this I began the daily breakfast and hand washing ritual but soon notices that Brulio, a 10 year old was in some pain. It emerged that yesterday he caught his foot on a nail and had a gaping wound that would need stitches – It was already very dirty and in danger of becoming infected. We decided that I would take him to the emergency clinic and Julio came with us to assist.

On reaching the clinic it seemed a little disorganised, lots of people coming and going past reception and the odd dog sleeping in the entrance hall. But, we were seen quickly by someone managing admissions. He mad a quick inspection and gave us a prescription for the farmacia where we bought gloves, local anesthetic and surgical needles. After this we were asked to pay for treatment and then passed quickly by a doctor who gave the nurse authority to stitch the wound. Brulio was quite brave through the cleaning process but was in agony when the local anesthetic was administered. The wound was carefully cleaned, stitched and dressed and the nurse was very careful about minimizing risk of infection. Lastly we were given a third prescription for anti-inflammatory and anti-biotic s and finally I put the boys in a taxi and sent them back to school probably just in time for the last 10 minutes.

On the way back to the Hostal I got chatting to Neli a mother who lives near the airport and she offered to volunteer at the school so we will check her out with our social worker on Monday and hopefully start her with one of the schools.

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brian said...

You seem to be settling in well. Hope Brulio's foot heals. It makes us think about how easy we have it when we read of such incidents.