Thursday, 3 December 2009

Sevilla with The English Group

I convene a small group of Spanish and English learners in a pub in Croydon, unimaginatively known as Croydon-Spanish. Until recently my friend Jorge was a member of the group and now is a founding member of a similar group based in Sevilla called The English Group.

Well, we have been comparing notes and I took the opportunity of a £50 Ryanair deal to spend 4 less wet and cold November days. The group was incredibly kind, entertained and showed me around the city treating me to rides to and from the airport, (although Jorge's car died on the way back necessitating a fast change to a taxi)

I really like Sevilla and being shown the authentic and best bars and sampling great tapas was an excellent antidote to recent poor weather in London. We visited the museum of Modern Art where there was a great exhibition Máquinas de Mirar with all sorts of visual tricks and machines. I also enjoyed Reales Alcazares, Archivo de Indias, various parks, gardens and avenues, a wonderful exhibition of Art inspired by video games, 'Over the Game'. I was treated to dinner at one of the group's houses and visited the horse show SICAB

Thanks to all my hosts but especially those of you who showed me around. You all showed me great kindness. 

Some of you will know that I quite enjoy cycling so it was with some interest that I was able to try out the municipal cycle scheme. It worked pretty well, and with Sevilla being quite flat and and relatively safe, it was very well used by locals and some tourists. I spent a couple of enjoyable hours mainly on cycle paths by the river.

I had a amazing and memmorable 4 days mainly thanks to my newly found friends in Sevilla. I hope they will be able to come to London for a visit quite soon.