Thursday, 1 May 2008

An idea for the next trip

I haven't really looked at the blog for some time nor thought of writing in it But as summer begins here in the UK I am already anticipating a long and cold winter and the need for something to look forward to. I believe I will go back to Perú just after Christmas through January and part of February. The rough plan at the moment is to spend a few days in Lima, pass on through to Piura in the North where I will establish a base. From here it seems possible to reach beach mountains and jungle and this will offer different dimensions for what I expect to be around a 7 week visit, returning to the UK for the beginning of Spring, in time to work up my cycling fitness which I will undoubtedly lose while away. And of course I have to be back for t my wife's 60th Birthday which is on the 23rdFebruary.

Well that is the initial idea so we'll see what gives!

In the meantime check out a couple of photos of me in Florida, Mallorca and Valencia.