Monday, 17 January 2011

Lima 2011

Generally I rely on this blog to achieve a number of ends: Partly I try and reflect in writing on some of the interesting aspects and differences culturally and geographically when living in another country, in this case principally Peru. It is also a diary of personal memories and a way of keeping in touch with those I know and love. Other audiences, the world, the blogosphere are welcome to read whatever is written but my idea of what is news or blog-worthy may not be to all tastes or even very interesting to you. I try to focus on on life as it passes normally in Peru rather than offer a catalogue of itinerant tourist experiences.

Arriving in Lima there was a little difficulty with my hotel booking but it was sorted out quickly, but I was tired after nearly 24 hours travelling. My first chore was to buy a mobile phone at a cost of around £20 and after that I spent the day chilling out and becoming accustomed to the sights and sounds of Lima. The next day I met up with Junior a young friend who has spent a year as a volunteer in London. He would now rather be back there with his Italian boyfriend but there really isn't a way to get residency as a student without a bucketful of money which he doesn't have. He has decided to try and work on a cruise ship with the aim of saving enough to buy a college admission in the UK and then see where it takes him. Firstly we went to a 'menu' cafe with a 3 course meal for about £3 and after that hopped a taxi to the centre where we visited the old station which has been beautifully converted into a cultural library narrating the story of Peruvian literature, poetry and theatre. After which we shared a beer nearby in what is described as the oldest wine bar in Lima.
Junior with Alan

Station/library roof

On 2 evenings I enjoyed shows in the atmospheric Jazzzone Club on La Paz in Miraflores. JazzZone The first of these was a really hot latin jazz/salsa band and I was able to watch but didn't participate in the excellent salsa dancing. The second evening I had wanted to see Magaly with a Jazz fusion band called. Magaly Solier is the Peruvian actress in the award winning film Teta Asustada, (Milk of Sorrow) and the combination of her Quechuan lyrics and percussion led fusions of Jayna made for a memorable event. Magaly Solier

The next day I met up with Liam and Jan, friends of Alice Onion and participants in Croydon-Spanish. They are in Peru for an extended stay and tour. Unfortunately Jan suffered a bout of irregular heart beats and they had to cancel their tour and do stuff below 2000 metres which was a real shame. Jan used to live in Lima and Spent 5 years teaching there so was meeting up with old friends. Liam even participated in a 10km run and won his age category. I think they had a good trip after the initial disappointment of losing the tour they had booked.
Liam, Jan and me in Bar Haiti in Miraflores

On my last day in Lima I decided to do a Spanish class at South American Explorers. The teacher was having a health insurance crisis and was too distracted by the need to sort out payment for special medicines so we ended up cancelling. Erik, the teacher, an anthropologist and linguistics specialist was met by a couple of New Yorker friends, Pilar and Bill. We later went to lunch at Punto Sal overlooking the sea and had a nice lunch. I had cerviche and unfortunately fell ill the following days. It turned out I had met Pilar before when she was a waitress in the Real McCoy and English restaurant in Cuzco and we actually recalled each other. Some coincidence! Where we eat is nearby to the hang gliders which are always entertaining to watch.

Bill, Pilar, me and Erik

Hang gliding near Larco Mar, Mirarflores (not me)

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Wonderful to get away from the hum drum here. keep up the postings.
What adventures and you grab them with both hands.

Keep safe and happy.