Sunday, 7 October 2007

12 days to go

In 12 days, 19 October 2007, I will be setting off for Perú for 2 months. I intend this blog to be a simple record of what I see and do. Postings will be brief but I hope to add photos.

I will be leaving by way of London, Heathrow, then to Madrid and on to Lima. From Lima I fly to Cuzco.

For the first month I will be learning Spanish at Excel.

After that I will be working as a classroom assistant and English teacher in a voluntary program called Bruce Peru.

Well, that's enough to go on for now!


Jenni said...

Sounds Exciting and this seems like a great way to keep in touch!

Chris said...

Hi alan - you are welcome to stay here the night before going to the airport

Chris & Sue

Marenda said...

This is great info to know.